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March 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends

Extreme conditions are usually not a good thing. Our English weather keeps us talking as one minute we are short of water and the next, too much rain causes flooding. We know the weather is being affected by global warming and this is a serious issue, so any way we can save energy, we should - every little bit helps.

In life too, extremes are not usually healthy. A diet of chocolate may sound appealing, but would not keep us healthy. A good balance with those 5 fruit and vegetables alongside the occasional sweet item is a better option. A balance in what we eat and a balance in times to rest, work and play are ideals for health. Unfortunately there are times when these good balances are unavoidably upset. In the world times of conflict and war, epidemics and natural disasters cause chaos to usual routines. In family life times of illness, bereavement, loss of work and other crises come and upset our plans. We may feel we are balancing on a knife-edge! At these times we all need help and this is available through intercessory prayer and Jesus' healing ministry.

Our church life and witness needs a good balance too. I was interested to read an article by Peter McIntosh in Reform magazine in which he emphasises the threefold ministry of Jesus to preach, teach and to heal. (Peter is the senior chaplain at the Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre.) It is the challenge for today's Church to continue this threefold ministry led and equipped by the Holy Spirit. Preaching and teaching are integral to our worship and many activities, but perhaps healing is not as obviously in evidence. Yet much pastoral work and caring involves healing contacts and prayers for concerns ask for God's healing and help. We hope to extend the outreach of this healing ministry and will be holding a prayer service for healing on 9th March.

Also, we now have an intercession book in the church and in the church hall, so any one using our buildings can enter a prayer request. Later this year, we hope to put a 'prayer advert' in the local press, so that as Churches Together for Chesham we can respond to prayer needs in the local community.

Let's all try to keep a healthy balance in all we do and remember that when problems come to upset that balance, Jesus is there for us and through his healing ministry expressed in many different ways, we can be given a way to cope and be reassured by his strengthening touch.

With love

At our February Church Away Day, David Jenkins recommended the last verse of psalm 138 as a helpful prayer:

The Lord will fulfil his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.