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April 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends

This month we look forward to our celebrations of Easter. The walk through Lent following Christís path will take us to the depths and darkness of the cross and then the light of the resurrection will bring new hope and show us again Godís promise for each of us.

A small baby is totally dependant on those who care for him or her, but it is not long before they show their determination to choose for themselves. As we grow to maturity we usually pride ourselves on our ability to be independent. We enjoy giving gifts and our time and talents and can find it quite hard to be on the receiving end of others giving. I have had conversations with three different people this week, who have said that they were given lovely Mothering Sunday gifts, but really didnít expect these or feel it was right for them to receive them. When I had to stop driving it was difficult to have to accept lifts instead of give them. As we get older we become more dependant on help from other people. It is not easy to accept oneís loss of independence and accept help, but whatever age we are, we must recognise that we canít go it alone. We all need the support of others. We all need to be open to receive as well as to give. Easter is about being open to receive help and support from God.

The words from Paulís letter to the Romans remind us of the meaning and purpose of Christís death and resurrection:
5If we have been united with Christ like this in his death, we will certainly also be united with him in his resurrection. 6For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin. ... 9For we know that since Christ was raised from the dead, he cannot die again; death no longer has mastery over him. 10The death he died, he died to sin once for all; but the life he lives, he lives to God. 11In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.

Christ died to free us from sin and so forgiven by God, we are able to receive Godís grace and love. By the resurrection we have that great hope of life eternal. Easter is a most amazing act of love. It is often said that the most precious thing anyone can give for someone else is their life.

Godís gift of love is available, but too often we hesitate to accept it. Letís be open to receive from God this Easter and so know the peace which faith in Christ brings.

Easter Blessings to you all,
With love


An Easter Prayer:

Living Lord, open our minds and hearts to the meaning of Easter. May the light of your resurrection displace the darkness of the cross and bring new life and hope to each of us and to our world.
Help us to seek forgiveness for all we do wrong, and so receive your grace and love. In receiving may we be strengthened to pass on these gifts and show your love in all we do.