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April/May 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends

Sometimes I read a paper or hear a news broadcast and pause to ask why on earth has that particular headline been chosen or why that item given priority. Headlines are often chosen for popular interest rather than for their relevance or importance to life and world issues. Yet as I write, in the last week or so, we have all been set reeling by the number of major news events that all warrant main headlines. The natural disasters in Japan left us stunned as unbelievable pictures of destruction kept being shown. The struggles in the Arab countries, particularly Libya, showed the destruction and injustice caused by humans on each other. The people of Japan are committed to rebuilding and although the grief and loss is great, there is a sense of positive looking ahead, but at this time no one is certain what will be the outcome following the Arab uprisings.

We pray to God for answers, for hope for the future, but words are inadequate to describe such suffering. Let's silently place the situation in God's hands and trust in his power to bring healing and peace.

As we travel through Lent to Easter, our focus is on the Cross. I wonder what the headlines would say about Jesus? Do we each keep Jesus as our main headline? Good Friday shows us Jesus suffering and dying on the Cross Ė yes it is GOOD because through his death Jesus freed us from all the sin of humankind and his resurrection gives us the promise of eternal life. I often wear an empty cross in recognition of Jesus' resurrection, but it is also important to remember Jesus died on that cross. The depth of his suffering in that act of crucifixion shows the great depth of God's love for each of us, his children.

Each time we share in a communion service, we remind ourselves of this great act of love as we eat and drink the bread and wine.

It is good news and if we keep Jesus as our priority headline not just this Easter but throughout our lives, he will guide us and whatever other news, good or bad, impacts on our lives, we will have a friend to share our concerns. Jesus hears and responds. We will be given the strength to cope and the comfort of knowing Jesus is there beside us.

Letís all share the joy of Easter as we celebrate in our church services and in our families.

With love

Glory and praise to
you risen Saviour.
You bring light to
our darkness, joy to
our sorrow and the
fullness of love to
our reluctant hearts.
May we rejoice and
sing out 'He is risen,
Alleluia!'   Amen