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February/March 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends

Soon it will be the start of Lent with Ash Wednesday on 13th February. There are 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday until Easter; a time which Christians try to use to prepare for Easter. It is an opportunity to reflect on what Jesus means to us, as we recall the events leading up to the first Easter. Jesus beside us - walking with us, Jesus inside us, Jesus above us, Jesus below us holding us. The warmth of knowing Christ with us and yet is it that easy? There may be many times when we find it difficult to feel Jesus close – times when we say why? If? But? How? If only? Times when we feel alone.

The joy of Easter is that God sent his Son to die for us, to free us from sin and then to rise in glory from death. Jesus is alive – death is no more. He is a living friend we can talk to in prayer. We are never really alone. It is difficult to accept this when we have doubts. It is acknowledged that the opposite of ‘faith’ is not ‘doubt’. It is OK to have doubts. Even people we admire for their strong faith have times of doubt. Mother Theresa admitted in later life that for much of her life she had struggled and felt Christ was absent. This didn’t stop Christ using her in amazing ways. Even if we feel frail and have doubts, we shouldn’t give up.

Ask and it will be given you;
search and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened for you.Matthew 7:7

Why not try some asking, searching and knocking during this Lent and make it a special time. Share your hopes - share your doubts and talk to our friend Jesus.

You may find it helpful to attend the Churches Together for Chesham Lent Talks for which we are fortunate to have some excellent speakers. (Details inside) There are many Lent booklets with helpful readings for each day or turn to the Easter story in the Gospels and find new surprises as you read. A different version in each Gospel!

As the days lengthen and spring comes, let the seeds of hope grow. British Summer Time comes on Easter Sunday this year, so we will need to be up early to see the sun rise. I always enjoy the early morning in the park with the Easter hymns accompanied by ducks and geese! Wherever you celebrate, have a great Easter.

With love

A short prayer:

Help me to ask, seek and knock. Lord Jesus, this Lent renew and refresh me so that I may know you close. Amen