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April/May 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends

A journey is completed, but its completion signifies a new beginning.

A new beginning is on its way! Providing all goes to plan we will receive back our renewed building at the end of April. After our Church Meeting on Sunday 28th April, we hope we will walk along to admire what has been achieved. Our first service back at the URC will be on 5th May and after a period of settling in, our Grand Opening Weekend will be on 18-19th May. We do invite all our friends to join us in celebrating and hope new visitors will also come to share with us. The end of our journey - not an ending, but an exciting beginning.

A journey is completed, but its completion leads on to a new beginning.

Jesus’ journey ended in Jerusalem where he faced the authorities, was arrested and died on the cross. This was no end, but a purposeful beginning. Through Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday, we are assured that our life journeys do not end at our death, but may continue into eternal life with Christ beside us. A wonderful new beginning.

On the cross, Jesus told the repentant thief beside him, "Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise" and moments later Jesus cried out, "Father into your hands I commend my Spirit". (Luke 23:43 & 46) Not words speaking about an end, but words about the future; words of a new beginning; words of promise and hope. There is always the possibility of a fresh start with Christ.

We will not be able to do all we would like to at once on returning to our building, but gently and prayerfully new ‘butterflies’ will emerge. As has been said, the important thing is to plant seeds and then the harvest will come. Many seeds need planting, for as Jesus taught in the parable of the farmer, only a small proportion of the seeds the farmer sowed fell on good ground and grew to maturity ready for harvesting.

God has kept us safe and we do give thanks for the generous hospitality of our friends at Trinity Baptist Church during this time. God is good. We give thanks for the opportunity of a new beginning and ask that to the best of our ability we will bring our renewed building alive to serve God.

With love

Dear Lord Be with us on our journeys and guide us to new beginnings. When the path is difficult bring us your comfort and show us how to keep going. When new opportunities come guide us to use them wisely. Alpha and omega God, may we know your presence with us at all times. Through Christ our Lord. Amen