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August/September 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends

As we come to the start of August, many events, processions, services, reflections are being planned to commemorate the start of WW1. It is difficult for us to understand the stresses and strains that were part of life 100 years ago. Even comparing your childhood with life today you can see massive changes have taken place in what is probably a much shorter time. We may consider that times and conditions then were much harder than today, but would folk have thought things were easier than for their parents? There are many labour saving devices today, but life in some ways has become more complicated!

100 years is more than a generation, but it is even longer to go back to Jesusí earthly ministry Ė 2000 years. A very different way of life and culture and yet there are some things that donít change. There are still wars, abuse and injustice. Babies are born and people die; people fall in love and relationships break up. The rhythm of life and nature is continuous. God has been there from the start and signs of his presence still impact on our lives.

"For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night." Psalm 90:4

Do we acknowledge the importance of God in our lives? This is a time of holidays and relaxation and many of you will have taken the opportunity to go away. Is there space for God on our holidays or do we see it as a time to switch off from everything routine?

September is for many people a time of new starts Ė a harvest is gathered and we begin again to prepare new seeds to sow. Donít forget God wants to be in our plans. Is there someone special you talk to and share your worries and joys with? Who better than Jesus? He has almost certainly experienced any of the things we are likely to face.

I wish you all space to find some peaceful time. Remember that when all else may change, God is a constant source of help as has been since the beginning of time.

With love

May I find time to be quiet, quiet with you Lord.
Help me to listen, to be still, and to know your peace within.
So refreshed may I face the world again and know that wherever I am and whenever I need you, you are there for me.