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December 2014/January 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends

The build up to Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year, so that by the time we reach 25th December it is almost an anti-climax. How can we keep Christmas fresh and Christ centred? Remember the wonder of that small baby born in a simple stable in Bethlehem – the amazing story of Jesus’ life and ministry – the miracles, the teaching, the comfort and welcome for the outcasts and then the awful suffering and death on the cross – and all this for us. What a story of God’s love for each of us. A story that needs to be told and one that shouldn’t be lost in the tinsel, Christmas presents and parties.

It is good to have fun and spend time with family and friends. Jesus enjoyed sharing meals and being with his followers. Let’s invite Jesus to be part of our celebrations because he is there waiting to be invited and he will bring his light into our lives. If Christ is with us and in our hearts then we will pass on his light to others. The message of the first Christmas will be kept alive and fresh and the story of the gospel will follow.

There are more people today who have not heard the Christmas story. A small child who is taking part in their first Nativity Play is excited by being part of the story. We too should be excited by the story however many times we hear it told! We are part of the story, because as followers of Jesus we are entrusted with the task of passing on the Gospel Message by what we say and do. It is a story that goes on and on and brings hope and peace to those who hear it. For many people Christmas will be a difficult time and for varied reasons they will struggle to sense any joy or peace. It would be a good Christmas if each of us could perhaps find a way to share a little of Jesus’ story with someone who feels like this so that they may experience some light in their darkness.

So may you know Christ close in all you do this Christmas and as you step into the New Year may the story continue as the light of Christ shows the way ahead.

With love

We wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas and every blessing in the New Year.

Bridget & Martin Powell