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February/March 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends

As spring creeps into the gardens and countryside it is good to see the signs of new growth after the dark cold winter days. The scent of the daffodils and blossom fills the air and of course the smell of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday at the beginning of Lent tells us the seasons have moved on. It is a good time for us all to look for ways to grow in our spiritual life. The pancakes remind us of the custom to eat up all the eggs and extra food before a time of fasting during Lent. Very few Christians fast or give up something for Lent today, but it is an opportunity for us all to reflect on where we are and whether we need to look at the priorities in our life. Are we letting the Holy Spirit guide us and is prayer an important under girding for all we do? A pause for prayer is never wasted time, but invites God to join us in what we are doing. If you are not sure where to start why not use the newsletter prayer page during Lent or join in one of the Lent groups.

There seem to have been quite a few biographical films come out recently. Good films telling the story of amazing achievements, but it is not just the achievements of these people, but their struggle with personal difficulties that stands out. Alan Turing working with the team at Bletchley helped to shorten the Second World War, but the prejudice and ill treatment of homosexual people at that time caused his tragic suicide. (It was good to recognize shots of Chesham in The Immitation Game!) Stephen Hawking continuing his high-powered work while fighting and surviving the development of the debilitating motor neuron disease. It is not just the famous whose story needs telling. We can learn so much from each otherís stories. It was good to receive the article about Tom Hicklingís father in the Great War for this magazine. I wonder if anyone else has a story that would be good to share?

Our stories are important. They make us who we are and give us experience that we can share with people we meet and also use to help them. Is our faith part of our story? The Gospel story Ė Jesusí story should be a story that impacts on our own stories and one that we would want to pass on. As we reflect and pray during Lent letís not give up, but ask for the confidence to give. To share our stories with those we meet and to share Jesusí story. How many people can we manage to gossip the Gospel to and then invite them to join in one of the Easter services?

With love

A Prayer for new growth:

Living Lord, as winter turns to spring
may we know your presence in our lives and feel new growth in our hearts.
When times are difficult guide us,
when times are busy rest us,
when all seems empty fill us
and keep us praying and listening to you. Amen