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April/May 2016 Newsletter

Dear All,

The sun is feeling warmer, the spring flowers are in bloom, the birds are singing loudly and beginning to nest and again signs of new life have come after the winter. A wonderful time of year. Among the birds singing in our garden this year is a blackbird, at least he is almost a blackbird as he has white feathers in one wing and around one eye. He is very distinct and I wonder if the other blackbirds notice that he is different. He seems fine otherwise. This reminded me of the Beatles song Blackbirdí; a song which has been given various meanings including relating to the struggles of black people in America in the 1960ís.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise.
Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free.
Blackbird fly Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.
Lennon, John / Mccartney, Paul

Most of us donít like to stand out, but we are all in one way or another unique individuals. What made Jesus stand out as a special person during his time on earth? It was not his appearance of which we know very little. It was what he said and did. Gradually it became clear that he was truly Godís son Ė the miracles, the teaching, the fulfilling of Old Testament prophesy Ė all pointed to him being the promised Messiah. The disciples were slow to understand, but when he appeared to them after the resurrection, they believed and began to realise that they now had a role to carry on his work. It was a time of preparation between Easter and Pentecost. As they waited, they saw Jesus ascend to heaven and then came that great day when the Holy Spirit descended on them and they were empowered to follow Christ and the Christian Church was born.

As Christians we confess that we believe Christ and try to follow him and so the church continues and grows. Signs of God at work are there for us today. The Holy Spirit is there to help us when we need to speak up or act in a way that shows we believe and follow Christ. Remember the first disciples were sent out in pairs, we do not need to act alone and small acts of friendship are as important as headline grabbing events. We donít need white feathers to stand out, we just need to be true to our beliefs. So letís enjoy the Churchís birthday on 15th May at Pentecost and find time to share together and celebrate that we are part of Godís family and in his care.

With love,