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October/November 2019 Newsletter

Dear friends,

A busy summer of church activities have now taken place, schools are well and truly in the swing of it, students have recently started their new term and all activities and clubs in our church have resumed after the break. This is a good time to consider if there might be some opportunities within the church where you could contribute or perhaps groups or clubs you could join. Have a read inside, there’s plenty to do!

We have now celebrated Harvest with our family service, our church beautifully decorated; we give thanks to God for all the flowers, fruits and crops from the earth. Autumn is truly underway but every season has its own special aspect. This could be ice-creams in the summer, the beautiful colours of the trees in autumn, the winter crispness together with hot-chocolate on a dark night or the spring with the appearance of new leaves and flowers. In every season there is a different beauty and it is up to us to look for it.

As our seasons change so as a country we are entering in to a very new political period. As a church we are also moving in to a new period as we journey further towards a shared pastorate. As caretakers of the earth we are also realising how important it is that we as individuals and as a church help to reduce our carbon footprint, this has resulted in a big change of attitudes.

With all changes we remember that God’s love is always around. Even if sometimes things do not look straightforward, God will guide us.

Peace and blessings,