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February/March 2020 Newsletter

To my church family,

Well winter seems to be nearly over. Apart from lots of snowdrops I have been surprised to see a daffodil out in our garden – spring is coming. In fact, daffodils in German are Osterglocken, Easter bells. Soon we will be in Lent, a time of preparation for the power and the glory of Easter.

Another winter without a minister, and I really admire our congregation. When you look at what our fellowship does in the congregation and the community, people I talk to are amazed. We are making progress on the way to sharing a pastorate, and although new conditions were worked out at national level and presented to us after we had submitted our properly documented request, Pastoral Committee seems to be getting behind us to support us. Once the new set of documents has been approved and submitted, and approved at a higher level (we know that the highest level of all is with us!), each minister will find the names of Chesham and Ickenham on a list of vacancies in their mail – and who could resist us!!

Be of good heart, God is with us – and we are with Him.

Every blessing
Heather A-J